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In Harmony Sustainable Landscapes Tue, 13 Feb 2024

How to help mason bees in your yard

Why mason bees? We love mason bees. These small, solitary bees are amazing pollinators. Each mason bee visits around 1,800 to 2,000 flowers a day, and they pollinate 95-99% of them. In comparison, a honeybee may visit 700 flowers a day and pollinate about 5% of them. They are called mason bees because they use […]

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Sunnyside Nursery, Inc. Mon, 12 Feb 2024

Pruning Your Laceleaf Japanese Maple

One plant that simply must be present in every yard is a Laceleaf Japanese Maple.  You know the ones… the beautiful, manageable sized trees that have interesting leaves in stunning colors all throughout the year.  Laceleafs can be living art pieces when cared for properly and developed slowly into specimens that add character, texture, and […]

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Inside Sales Specialist

Inside Sales Specialist Sales Department   T&L Nursery, Inc. is located 30 miles east of Seattle, in the Sammamish Valley, between Redmond and Woodinville. For over 30 years we...

Seasonal Cashier

Seasonal Cashier: Friendly personality! Must be able to work directly with customers. General customer service assistance. Strong communication skills required both in person and over phone/walkies. Accuracy of tallied...

Seasonal Greenhouse Production

Seasonal Greenhouse Production: Valley Nursery grows over 60% of our plant material on site as well as separate growing locations. Self-reliant, responsive, driven, and can work solo for long...

Seasonal Perennial/Annual House

Seasonal Perennial/Annual House: Positioned associates respond to restocking, tending to plant material and customer assistance. Additional tasks include processing plant shipments, unloading, pricing, merchandising of incoming stock and general...

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