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CROSS POLLINATOR: Washington Pottery

CROSS POLLINATOR: Washington Pottery

Adding quality containers to your landscape reminds me of a beautifully set Thanksgiving table. This upgrade to the landscape adds a WOW factor and places emphasis on the exclamation point of landscape improvements! Placed at the home entry, containers welcome guests with pride. At the edge of a back patio, containers assist with the transition between hardscape and landscape and warrant a ‘CHEERS’ to all who gather. Used as a container fountain in a landscape bed, add the elegant sound of falling water while focusing attention on a brilliant upgrade. Some tips in selecting containers include, always “go big or go home” and select containers that are larger than you think are appropriate for the site. Just look around at the effect that large sized containers have on an entry vs those that are underscale for the landscape. On your next walk through the neighborhood, look at the nice effect that containers that are an understated color that your eye will never tire of as the years pass and colors that repeat color themes on the home (shutters, trim, roof, stone accents) vs those that are too bold and don’t repeat colors of the home. Finally always add pot feet to ensure drainage and allow them to ‘set lightly’ in their space. Should you need assistance with container selection, placement or container design services, I’d be happy to help and gift certificates are ready to purchase for holiday gift giving. Get a start at looking at the options available on the Washington Pottery website. Gardens ALIVE Design can assist you with indoor containers and planting plans too!

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