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Basic Rose Care and Maitenance

Basic Rose Care and Maitenance

Basic Rose Care and Maintenance

Rose Selection and Rose Categories
  • Hybrid Tea – Classic high centered rose with long-lasting blooms typically one bloom to a stem. Excellent for cutting. 4’ to 5’ high.
  • Grandiflora – A cross between a hybrid tea and a floribunda. Medium to large flowers in clusters on multi-branched stems. Plants are usually tall and good for background use.
  • Floribunda – A cross between a hybrid tea and a polyantha. Flowers are borne in clusters on a single stem. Bushes are low to medium in height. Good for areas requiring mass colors.
  • Climber – Medium to large flowers singly or in clusters. Plants have long canes that can be trained vertically or horizontally on a trellis or fence.
  • David Austin (English Rose) – Combines the form and fragrance of old garden roses with the repeat bloom of modern roses.
  • Antique – Cherished for generations for their tremendous vigor, antiques are grown on their own roots. They have great fragrance and old fashion charm. Some varieties are not repeat bloomers.
  • Rugosa – Group of shrub roses noted for beautiful disease resistant foliage, colorful hips (fruit) and winter hardiness.
  • Shrub – A diverse category of plants including new hybrids and historic roses on multiple stemmed bushes. Can be used singly as specimens or grouped in mass.
  • Miniature – Miniature is in every sense of the word with stems, leaves and flowers all being petite versions of a full sized rose.
  • Ground Cover – Generally vigorous roses that grow more horizontally than upright; when planted in groups, produce a good landscape effect.

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