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Hello Spring, Our names are Jerry and Rachel we own a small local construction business named JR’s Excavating. My husband has been in construction since he was a little guy working with his dad doing foundations. After Jerry graduated, he went into excavation work, he was working for bigger companies that do land prep for housing developments. In 2004 we started our own excavation business, JR’s Excavating, he is the “J” aka excavator, and I am the “R” aka customer service, office manager, and whatever else comes on my desk that day. Jerry can pretty much do anything on his excavator, I was told by one of our customers one day, he is like Picasso on that machine. We dig foundations, tear out driveways to replace concrete, small home additions, anything you need he can usually get it taken care of. We thank Kirsten for giving us the opportunity to be in her Spring newsletter, we met Kirsten doing the excavation on her home, we have kept in contact from time to time since. Thank you Jerry & Rachel JR’s Excavating (425) 422-7386    

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