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CROSS POLLINATOR CORNER: Saving Water Partnership

CROSS POLLINATOR CORNER: Saving Water Partnership

For this month’s Cross Pollinator Corner, gear up for the dry months to come and learn more about water conservation. Gardens ALIVE Design has always been proud to support proper watering techniques and landscape improvement approaches to decrease water use. Promoting the Saving Water Partnership offered from Seattle Public Utilities gives clients resources and support to reach their irrigation goals. In fact, for clients in King County you can schedule a free irrigation assessment. Contact me for more details. During Earth Day month, learn more from the following links on how you can take steps to water the proper amount, save water and save money! Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) is committed to water conservation. Water is important for us, future generations, and our environment. SPU proudly partners with our customers to protect this important resource through our regional water conservation program, the Saving Water Partnership. Thanks to conservation efforts, our region uses the same amount of water today that it did in the late 1950s. The Saving Water Partnership is an organization comprised of 18 water utilities in King and Snohomish counties that rely on the Seattle Regional Water System. We offer tips, tools, and rebates to help people preserve our region’s water for future generations. Learn 5 easy steps to a healthy, water-efficient landscape: Build Healthy Soil with Compost and Mulch Choose the Right Plants for your Site Practice Smart Watering and Irrigation Use Natural Pest, Weed and Disease Control Methods Practice Natural Lawn Care Learn more about: How Often and How Much to Water Compare Watering Systems – Sprinklers, soaker hoses, drip—what’s right for you? Automatic Irrigation Systems Drip Irrigation and Soaker Hoses How to Water New Plants Using Rainwater  

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