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A journey into community engagement, restoration, and stewardship “t’aqa park”

A journey into community engagement, restoration, and stewardship “t’aqa park”

In the 38 years since George Gregory first founded Kaleidoscope Landscape Inc., he has wanted to do something not only to give back to the city in which he runs a business but to a larger part of the community which he calls home. George has been searching for a project that many people would be able to enjoy, that would make a positive impact on the environment, and that would provide fulfillment and learning opportunities for all who wanted to get involved.

George’s vision came to light through the diligent work of Katie McGowan, Kaleidoscope’s Training & Education Manager, who after contacting multiple organizations, heard back from Kirk Peterson, Shoreline parks Superintendent, and Joseph Callaghan, Urban Forester for the City of Shoreline. Kirk and Joseph had just the space in mind for us, Darnell Park (which we have respectfully dubbed t’aqa Park). Darnell, more green space than a park, needed extensive restoration work.

Darnell Park is located on what is now known as the Boing Creek basin, The length of the main stem of Boeing Creek is approximately 1.55 miles long – measured from the beginning of the identifiable channel at the intersection of Carlyle Road and Greenwood Avenue North to its confluence with Puget Sound.

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