Washington Community Tree Recovery Campaign

April 2015DONATE NOW and  help the homeowners impacted by wildfires replant their tree canopy and recover from Washington’s largest recorded fire.

The Washington Community Tree Recovery Campaign is a partnership between the Washington State Nursery and Landscape Association, the Okanogan Conservation District, the Methow Conservancy and the Arbor Day Foundation.

In July 2014, lightning sparked in four spots in Okanogan County, Washington. These lighting strikes produced four separate wildfires that, once merged together, produced the Carlton Complex Fire—the largest recorded fire in Washington’s history. The Carlton Complex Fire burned 256,108 acres and caused an estimated $98 million in damage. It destroyed over 300 homes and wreaked havoc on the area’s beautiful tree canopy.

Last year, wildfires continue to devastate Washington State. This multiyear effort will focus on distributing new trees to Washington residents who have lost so much of their urban canopy to wildfires. These trees will help renew their sense of community and restore hope to those who have lost so much. With your help, these rural Washington towns can once again enjoy the beautiful tree-lined streets they have always known.

Click here to donate.

Click here to learn more about our partnership efforts.


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