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Rare Houseplant Drop

We brought in an unbelievable collection of houseplants that we have been eyeing for a long time for our Rare Houseplant Drop, on January 15th. The plants will be available online and in store at both locations – but be sure to shop this weekend as stock is limited for these rare plants. More

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Specimen Japanese Maple Saved and Moved to Permanent Location

Tree Transplantation Company Helps Save Specimen Japanese Maple SNOHOMISH, WA: Big Trees Inc, ( was recently asked to move a large, mature Acer palmatum ‘Shishigashira’ Lionshead Japanese maple from a property in North Seattle to the Washington Park Arboretum. The tree was being donated to the Arboretum as it had outgrown its current location. Big […]

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Resolutions for your garden in the new year

It’s that time again when we make our resolutions for the new year. It’s probably a good bet that eating healthier and getting more exercise are at the top of your list. The good news is, gardening can help you achieve both of those goals, along with others like learning new things, going green and… […]

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Ancient Garden Art: Well Dressings

Mystery, secrecy, intrigue – it all happens behind closed (barn) doors in the Peak District, Derbyshire. Plans are made, sketches discussed, materials gathered and volunteers found as villagers huddle together to discuss the next well dressing. Well dressing is an ancient, pagan tradition dating back to the Romans or Celts (no-one is quite sure) when…

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Compost, It’s What Makes Our Gardens Survive Extreme Weather

Recently I had one of my readers reach out to me and inquire about how all the weather extremes of 2021 might impact our gardening experiences in 2022. It is a good question that is worth exploring, especially since I suspect this won’t be the last time we see such extremes in temperature, rainfall, and […]

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The Top 7 Health Benefits Of Houseplants

Nothing adds more beauty and comfort to our homes and offices than the lush flowers and foliage of indoor plants. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, cubicles… There really isn’t a space a houseplant can’t enliven. Just add light and water, and you’ve got a growing indoor oasis. Bringing plants into your home is aesthetically pleasing and – […]

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