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How to Plant a Tomato

Tomato season is upon us and, after deciding which tomatoes you’d like to grow, they need to be planted! For this project, we chose a Brandywine heirloom tomato to plant into a container, but the same steps work for planting tomatoes in the ground in a garden bed.

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For Earth Day, grow a Bee Friendly Lawn

Would you like to help the earth in your own yard this Earth Day? Then change your lawn care practices. Growing a Bee Friendly Lawn will help our native bees, along with birds and other beneficial insects. And your lawn will look better, with less impact on the earth. Traditional lawn care practices are heavily […]

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Going Vertical With Vines

Going vertical with climbing plants adds visual interest to any garden, providing nice foliage and often ideal seasonal flower power.  There are useful vines out there in all kinds of shapes and sizes; some for larger areas and others to use as smaller garden accents, or even as simple container specimens.  Whether you are trying […]

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Celebrate Earth Day 2024

April is Earth Month, and April 22 is Earth Day 2024. We hope you will take time this month to connect with nature, expand your knowledge, join with others and take action to help the planet. Connect with nature Spring blossoms are emerging on trees and in yards around the area. Now is a good […]

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Early Spring Perennial Color

Now that spring has officially arrived and the sun has returned, our gardens are beginning to brim with activity.  Bees are buzzing about visiting early flowers, foliage is emerging everywhere, and plants are awakening from winter dormancy.  Perennials in particular are a welcome sight for this gardener’s eyes, as they finally spring back to life […]

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How to deal with moles

Moles are easy for homeowners to hate. When they discover mounds in their lawn or next to a beloved plant, most people want to deal with moles quickly and effectively. Unfortunately, dealing with moles is not easy, and many methods are not very effective. Here are some tips and perspectives. 1. Identify the animal First, […]

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