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Customer Service/Sales Person

Organization: Plantscapes, Inc.
City: Seattle
Job Category: Sales
Job Type: Full-Time
Experience Requirement: 3-5 years
Pay range: $20.00 hourly

Job Description

Plantscapes, Inc. is looking for a Customer Service/Salesperson to be part of our 4-member Customer Service/Sales team. This position is the main link between our company and our clients. You must have a minimum of 4 years working in the exterior landscape maintenance industry, either in sales or production. Your plant knowledge and experience will be an asset as you help existing clients with their commercial landscape needs, both in the exterior and interior divisions.

Duties include:

The sales of new reoccurring commercial landscape maintenance accounts, plants, containers, enhancements, and other maintenance programs.

Communication regularly with assigned existing clients for the purpose of determining a client’s level of satisfaction with our service, and for the purpose of selling additional services.

Periodic inspection of existing client accounts to ensure quality service is being delivered.

As needed, oversee installations, including hands-on of exterior/interior jobs, especially for larger projects.

You will be trained by experienced members of our team. $20.00/hour, plus 6% commission on all services and products sold. Call or email Terry at 206 292-5033,

How to Apply


Apply to Plantscapes, Inc.

Call or email Terry at 206 292-5033,