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Interior Plantscape Technician

Organization: Garden Tapestry, Inc.
City: Kirkland
Job Category: Landscape Maintenance
Job Type: Internship
Experience Requirement: 1-2 years
Pay range: $22.00 hourly

Job Description





Responsible To:Service Manager or Senior Tech.

Responsible For: Clean/Aesthetic Installation and Care of scheduled plant services



  1. Some experience in ornamental horticulture or related field.
  2. Ability to self organize.
  3. Some knowledge of plant identification and pest and disease control.
  4. Ability to present good self-image.
  5. Ability to perform public relations.
  6. Ability to physically cope with requirements of job.
  7. Agile with little fear of heights.
  8. Ability to lift up to 40 pounds and carry a short distance.
  9. Ability to work, walk and stand on feet for long periods.



Create image of excellence and professionalism by providing quality horticultural service and expertise. Achieve and maintain level of production and efficiency.

Servicing tropical foliage plants and exterior container gardens, with Summer flower watering and assisting with container and plant installations.

Aesthetic care involved with the plants which may include assistance with replacement (with some heavy lifting), spraying for insects and helping diagnose problems.



  1. Provide weekly services as directed.
  2. Meet weekly with senior Tech.
  3. Responsible for neatness: self, equipment, plant accounts
  4. Function as public liaison between client and company.
  5. Teamwork approach to work atmosphere.


  1. Discuss problem or potential problems with Senior Tech.
  2. Make minor changes to benefit the plants.
  3. Suggest improvements for more efficient and cost effective ways of working.
  4. Keep manager informed regarding client relation problems.


  1. Maximize time efficiency.
  2. Minimize number of replacements by continually increasing skill and abilities needed to properly maintain plants.
  3. Maintain a good relationship with each client through a pleasant personality, high performance and quality service.
  4. Maintain legible accurate records in a well-organized manner.


  1. 24 hours per week and hourly compensation of $22.00 per hour plus mileage if personal car is used.
  2. 6 month Internship (March – August), with possible continuation at end evaluation.


1.  Learn names of 35 most commonly used interior plants.

2.  Learn care of interior plants and how to help thrive.

3.  Learn GT record systems.

4.  Learn how to work within time frames given and move in efficient manner.

5.  Learn names of 35 most commonly used color plants for exterior containers.

6.  Proper watering methods for interior and exterior.

7.  Proper examination and treatment for insects.

8.  Safety on the job.

9.  Cleanliness on the job.

10. Customer service expectations.

11. Go with and observe other technicians.

12. Assist managers with assorted duties.

13. Ask lots of questions.

14. Share knowledge of plants and care with us.

15. Work independently.

16.  Learn safe use of power equipment used on the job.

17. Learn proper disposal of greens and recycling.

18. Visit plant nurseries and container businesses as instructed.  



We Hope We Can Welcome You To The Garden Tapestry, Inc. Indoor Plant Services Team!

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How to Apply


Please send resume to

Sharon will contact you to set up an appointment to chat over the phone or to have an in-person interview.


Please include your email address and a phone number. I look forward to getting in touch!