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Two Seasonal Outdoor Nursery Aides (Part Time)

Organization: Desert Jewels Nursery
City: Spokane
Job Category: Retail Nursery
Job Type: Part-Time
Experience Requirement: < 1 year
Pay range: $16.30 hourly

Job Description

Seeking Two Seasonal Outdoor Nursery Aides (Part Time)

Company: Desert Jewels Nursery

Location: 9809 E. Upriver Dr. Spokane, WA 99206

Start Date: Weather dependent (typically March to April)

Contact: Diane Stutzman at (509) 893-3771 or email;

Desert Jewels Nursery is seeking two limited part-time employees for 2024. This plant nursery specializes in drought-adapted western and midwestern native plants, including those native to the Columbia basin. Owned and operated by Diane Stutzman, a botanist with extensive field experience in Idaho, Washington and South Dakota, for the Bureau of Land Management, The Nature Conservancy and the USDA Forest Service.

Job Description:

Setup: preparation for transplanting..For example, gathering supplies (soil, pots, etc.), consulting planting list and locating and gathering plants for transplant.

Transplanting: Early season – transplant overwintered plants. Transplanting overwintered stock includes weeding pots and trimming out dead material. As seedlings emerge, transplant seedlings. Working with seedlings requires greater skill and care.

Plant maintenance: Weed and trim dead material in pots. Weed and trim in show gardens.

Cleanup and organization: Move and group potted plants and flats. Put away returned pots, tools, hoses etc. Dispose of dead and discarded plants and empty containers.

Watering: Check daily if water is needed and report to supervisor and/or owner.Spot water very dry or wilted plants.

Basic Propagation: Propagate stock through cuttings and layering. No experience needed, will train.

Soil preparation:mix soil ingredients in a portable cement mixer. Move wheelbarrows of prepared soil to the transplanting area.

●Occasionally greet customers and alert trained staff to help.

●Occasional help with sales and setup/ teardown for plant shows.

●Flexible hours once trained.  Minimum shift is 4 hours.  Hours per week – generally 10 – 20.

●This is an outdoor job, which includes physical labor: lifting and moving flats and pots and preparing and moving wheelbarrows of soil.

Desirable Qualities: Self-starter with the ability to notice minor differences in plants.  This is crucial to seedling transplanting, since the nursery propagates hundreds of species whose seedlings may be quite similar.  Customer service experience and plant knowledge are also desirable. Reasonably good physical condition is important.

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