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All About Dracaena

With a large variety of leaf shapes, colors, and patterns, Dracaena houseplants offer dramatic, architectural shapes and patterns. They’re also low-maintenance and some of the best houseplants at purifying the air. What’s not to love? Learn how to care for and propagate these easy-going indoor plants.

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Garden Screen Solutions

We all want to hide something whether it’s the neighbors or the trash cans, but before you rush off to the nearest box store for a generic screen  – or plant a row of arborvitae ask yourself a few key questions: 1. How high does the screen need to be? Is this viewed from inside…

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The State of Zone Denial

This time of year presents the perfect opportunity to discuss plant hardiness and perceptions on our climate’s growing zone.  Following the cold spell last week, it may be time to…

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How Care To For Air Plants

Air plants (tillandsia) are unique, ingenious, and fascinating. They follow their own quirky path, so it is no wonder that these marvels have such a devoted fan base. We get so many questions about them, so here are my best recommendations for air plant success.

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Winter Houseplant Care Guide

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into essential tips for winter houseplant care, ensuring your leafy companions not only survive but flourish during the colder months.

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Is it time to change your landscape?

This cold and rainy weather may keep us indoors, but it also provides an opportunity for reflection. Perhaps it is time to think about making changes to your landscape design. Imagine yourself outside in your yard last year. How did you use the space? How would you like to use it in the future? Did […]

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