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Stop and Smell the Roses

The rose is a flower that has captured the imagination of gardeners for centuries, in all corners of the globe.  With a plethora of color choices and specific fragrances, roses have become symbols of many things in our culture:…

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Two Daisies to Know and Grow

As new plants are introduced into the marketplace we often lose sight of some of yesterdays reliable performers. That is due in no small part to the declining number of retail and wholesale nurseries nationwide and the pressure on available display space in those that remain. Just like you, I enjoy experimenting with new varieties…

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Bountiful Backyard Blueberries

One of my earliest memories in the garden as a child was devouring berries, of all kinds, that my parents grew in our garden.  Like growing most edibles, there is something a little extra satisfying about cultivating and then harvesting treats like blueberries and even sharing them with friends and neighbors…

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How to help mason bees in your yard

Why mason bees? We love mason bees. These small, solitary bees are amazing pollinators. Each mason bee visits around 1,800 to 2,000 flowers a day, and they pollinate 95-99% of them. In comparison, a honeybee may visit 700 flowers a day and pollinate about 5% of them. They are called mason bees because they use […]

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Pruning Your Laceleaf Japanese Maple

One plant that simply must be present in every yard is a Laceleaf Japanese Maple.  You know the ones… the beautiful, manageable sized trees that have interesting leaves in stunning colors all throughout the year.  Laceleafs can be living art pieces when cared for properly and developed slowly into specimens that add character, texture, and […]

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Inspiration for Dry, Sunny Gardens in Temperate Climates

Yes, I know it’s the rainy season, but I’ve been working on my presentation  Water-Savvy Garden Design , which sent me digging back through my photo library. While my seminar covers dry shade and seasonally wet conditions, the section for “hot, dry conditions” is always of great interest to audiences, especially those who are from…

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