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Garden Center Owner, General Manager, Plant Buyer, Marketing & Event Specialists, Technology & Online Specialists, Nursery Worker.
Professionals working in the retail nursery setting interact with consumers, provide customer service in plant selection, plant healthcare and support in solving individual landscape challenges. Depending on your position, additional tasks include: sales forecasting, inventory control, employee management; implementing marketing strategies; coordinating events; merchandising plants and products; plant purchasing, and generally tending to plants to ensure health. Garden Centers are fast paced during the peak season from April to June. Many retail nurseries extend their season well into fall and winter through events and agritourism.

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Trevor Cameron

I have always enjoyed gardening and have worked in nurseries beginning my junior year in high school and continuing in college. After studying Environmental Chemistry at CWU, I realized I hated working inside as a chemist. I loved plants more and liked the challenge of retail.

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