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Your Career as a Grower

Greenhouse Grower, Field Grower of Ornamental Crops, Floriculture, Specialty Grower, Native Grower, Broker.
Experience the wonder and joy of seeing the seeds you have planted germinate and prosper in the special environment chosen for optimum performance. Configure the irrigation to apply the correct amount of water in a timely fashion to each type of plant. Consider light and temperature needs of each plant. Keep the critters that can harm the crops at bay.

Work with the dirt – re-potting seedlings into larger containers. Pruning for health and aesthetics. Shifting plants to an environment that might work better. Figure out why some locations fail and others work well.

Plan and anticipate what next year’s customers might need and want to buy. Order the seeds, bare root plants or plugs needed to accomplish that. Get everything potted up at the proper time to have them ready when needed.

Problem solve – irrigation parts fail and need to be replaced quickly. The weather changes and the grower needs to adapt to 30 degree temperature changes, or strong winds, or unexpected cold. Plants need to be hardened off sometimes and protected from the cold. If snow comes, there are other preparations – never an idle moment. The need to think on your feet.

Enjoying working outdoors is a must for most growers. Rain or shine – 90 degrees or 25 degrees. And lots of tools and equipment to learn to run – from tractors to mowers to chain saws. Not everyone needs to know everything, but as a team all bases need to be covered.


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Chrishaven Trees

Chrishaven Trees is a family business specializing in the production of shade and flowering trees for the wholesale trade. The family has been involved in the agricultural industry in Skagit Valley for four generations.

Molly Malecki

I started my career in horticulture at Wells Medina Nursery, where I was hired as a seasonal employee. What an introduction! I was exposed to all kinds of wild and wonderful plant material, got to work alongside some of the…

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