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Grower Chrishaven Trees

Chrishaven Trees is a family business specializing in the production of shade and flowering trees for the wholesale trade. The family has been involved in the agricultural industry in Skagit Valley for four generations.  Sue and Ken started the nursery in 1990 and welcomed their son Jay to the business in 2012.

The primary focus of Chrishaven Trees is the production and sale of B&B trees, 1.5’ caliper and larger.  In addition, one acre is devoted to Pot-in-Pot production of #15, #20, and #25 gallon containers. A limited number of trees are also planted to grow-bags each year to provide another option for summer digging.

A major priority is placed on sustaining the nursery by the most ecologically sound means possible.  All fields have been deep-tiled which provides excellent sub-surface drainage in the winter months, resulting in healthier soil environments and stronger root systems.  Annual cover crops are seeded in the fall to minimize winter soil compaction and run-off.  Incorporation of cover crops in the spring add to soil organic matter, improving soil structure and enhancing mechanical weed control.  Thankfully, the nursery has been maintained free of undesirable noxious weeds such as nutsedge, quack grass, and sand rush.

With over 65 differing cultivars in production, it is interesting to address the unique culture of various species to meet customer demand.  Not all customers are looking for the same form in a given plant type.  With such a diverse customer base and plant mix, Chrishaven Trees strives to provide some variety in available plant forms.  All pruning and plant culture is done in a way to reflect the unique Chrishaven brand quality.  For instance, some specimens are grown in various forms such as multi-stem, low branched, or tree standard.  Although most customers seem to prefer plants with a single leader, not all plants are naturally disposed to this form and this must be taken into consideration.  At the end of the day, the customer is right and the Chrishaven goal is to deliver a plant of good health and superb quality.

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