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Your Career as a Landscape Contractor

Landscape Construction Laborer, Foreman, Supervisor, Manager; Landscape Lighting Specialist, Project Estimator, Irrigation Specialist, Stone Mason
A Landscape contractor specializes in improving the property of commercial or residential clients. This can be the complete removal of existing features and installation of all new irrigation, lighting, hardscape patios and/or walls, and plant materials. It can also take the form of a front yard planting renovation or an irrigation installation into an existing landscape. It requires a comprehensive skill set that includes irrigation, hardscapes, soils, equipment, landscape lighting, and an understanding of trees, shrubs and perennials. A landscape contractor has to understand general construction practices and government regulations such as permits, stormwater and OSHA.

Landscape Contractors

Landscape contractors in action


James Sprague

I have a small landscape construction company called Fancy Plants Gardens, Inc. We mostly install paver patios, walkways, gardens, and landscape lighting. A lot of our projects involve entire yards, patio, lawn, gardens and fencing.

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