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Your Career in Landscape Design

Landscape Design. Landscape Architecture. Container Design. Garden Coach.
Working with people, plants and places are just the beginning pieces to the landscape design puzzle. Additionally, seasons, climate, light exposure, scale, hardscapes, soil conditions, irrigation needs, use areas, legal/civil limitations and budget are more of the factors that need to be considered. Landscape Designers often have specialties including ecological design, restoration, permaculture, container design low impact development, garden coaching, fine pruning and many more sub-specialty areas. Simply put, a Landscape Designer creates plans for outdoor spaces that add beauty and functionality.

Landscape Designer

Landscape designers in action


Linda Fraser

I started my career in landscaping in the mid 1980s. While working part time at a nursery, I got the plant fever and wanted to learn more…

Sue Goetz

I am the owner of Creative Gardener and Urban Garden Company. I do garden design and coaching as well a speaking and writing-all about the garden-of course!

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Do you have a horticulture background, or an interest in plants or landscaping?
See a list of current jobs available in Washington state at plant nurseries, garden centers and landscaping companies. You might find the career you've been looking for!

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