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Care for Your Bamboo Palm

Palms give a wonderful tropical feeling to the indoor garden. They are bold houseplants that command attention without needing the attention of care. Ease of care: Easy! Water: Watering thoroughly, keeping the soil moist during the growing season (May-October). Water less frequently during the winter. Light: Bright indirect light. Can tolerate morning/eastern direct light. Propagation: […]

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Breaking Down Fall Composting

Fall is a great time for composting. Not only for building your own bin with colorful fallen leaves, but also for top dressing your garden! Spreading compost over a garden bed, then covering it with mulch will encourage growth of soil organisms that will be super beneficial come springtime! Break-down of Benefits: • Encourages the […]

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A Trove of Cloves!

In addition to garlic being mighty yummy and great for our immune system, it is also a wonderful pest (and vampire) deterrent. Adding garlic around your garden and in different beds will be super handy when it comes to the amount of pests you have to manage come Spring and Summer. Planting Instructions: Break bulbs […]

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Water Wisely

July flew by in a beautiful buzz, and August is coming in hot (quite literally). With warmer temperatures and longer sun exposure, your plants are thirsty! Now is the time to introduce water wise techniques in your urban slice of earth.  Water is a precious resource and absolutely vital for keeping your vegetable garden happy. […]

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Seed Journal Freebie!

The best way to learn about seeds is to plant them, care for them, and then watch the magic unfold! Whether you plant your seeds in a small pot filled with soil, or in an outside urban garden, it is so rewarding to grow food and flowers from seeds. Use our seed journal to keep […]

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