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Episode 37: Wash Your Watering Woes Away

It’s late summer – have you got your watering habits down to a science. We haven’t seen much rain so it’s easy to over water or under water or worry about watering … let us help you find the right balance to keep your current garden growing and help the new additions establish healthy roots […]

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Episode 36: Dahlias

Dahlias are everywhere right now and who better to chat find out how to care for the growing and cut blooms than the wonderful woman behind the little yellow flower shack in Port Gamble, Gamble Cove Dahlias very own Yvonne. She shares her secret for the longevity of cut dahlias and answers the age-old question […]

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Episode 35: An Abundance (of mistakes and produce)

Our gardens are bursting and we talk about the successes and mistakes that shaped our season and guide you into planting for an abundant fall harvest. We also give folks some suggestions about what to do with all of the extra veggies multiplying in gardens this season.

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Episode 34: Delightful Deciduousnesses

Showy summer blossoms overshadow the silent bones of our gardens that bring delight after the season fades into cooler temperatures. We chat about a few different multi-season deciduous trees that can be planted now to bring joy throughout the year.

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