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How to Grow Perennial Hibiscus

How to Grow Perennial Hibiscus Perennial Hibiscus ‘Hibiscus moscheutos’ SHOP OUR PERENNIAL HIBISCUS These tropical wonders, with their dinner-plate-sized blooms and tropical appearance, may seem like an impossibility in our perennial landscapes. The truth is, they’re really astonishingly easy to grow! Here are a few tips to remember when growing perennial Hibiscus: They love water […]

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June Gardening Guide

JUNE GARDENING GUIDE JUNE IS THE TIME TO PRUNE BLOOMS, CONTROL PESTS, AND PLANT (MORE!) FLOWERS. PRUNING Your spring flowering shrubs need to be pruned shortly after blooming because during the summer these plants form flower buds for next year. Lilacs can be cut back by about one third to reduce height, or thinned by […]

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All About Annuals

ALL ABOUT ANNUALS WATSON’S GROWN FOR YOUR GARDEN SHOP OUR ANNUALS Our homegrown annuals are the bedrock of our business, and now is the time to be planting them in your garden. And there’s no better way to shop for spring color or ask questions of a friendly expert than to come on over and […]

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2020 Magazine is here!

GET INSPIRED OUR 2020 MAGAZINE IS HERE! DOWNLOAD THE MAGAZINE The mixed baskets are lush and bright. The fuchsias are bountiful. The benches and aisles are full of beautiful blooms. Spring is well underway at Watson’s. And that also means the new 2020-21 Watson’s Magazine is here! Thankfully, we’ve been able to tend to our […]

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May Garden Guide

May, the gardening month! Everything is growing or ready to grow, flowering or ready to flower, fruiting or ready to fruit …. You get the picture. Now is the time to purchase that gorgeous hanging basket for mom or for your own house, plant dahlias and glads and all the glorious summer annuals such as […]

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