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Rockin’ Rhodies


Sunnyside Nursery
3915 Sunnyside Boulevard
Marysville, Washington

There are so many different colors, sizes & varieties to choose from these days – how does one choose?! Join our very own Trevor Cameron C.P.H. (aka plant expert) to discuss everything you want to know about Rhododendrons & Azaleas. Fabulous colors, fantastic foliage & new varieties and even ‘cooler’ new species – you won’t want to miss out. We will also be co-hosting (along with The American Rhododendron Society) our annual rhododendron truss show that same day where you can come see unique & rare locally grown rhodies – just pop by the tent after class! We hope you’ll join us for this FREE class that starts @ 10am.


**An admission ticket is not required for this class**

Contact Phone: 425-334-2002