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Assistant Propagation Manager

Organization: Raintree Nursery
City: Morton
Job Category: Retail Nursery
Job Type: Full-Time
Education Requirement: Professional Certification (CPH, ecoPRO, IA, etc)
Experience Requirement: < 1 year
Pay range: $21.00 hourly

Job Description

Raintree Nursery is an edible plant nursery located in Morton, WA, that is famous for bringing
edible plants from around the world to the US, where we sell and ship them to customers.
We are looking for a Propagator to join us at Raintree!

The following pages outline the job description and some considerations you should think
about when applying for this job.
Company & Lifestyle

Raintree Nursery is located in Morton, Washington, right between Mount Rainier and Mount St.
Helens. It is surrounded by beautiful forests and rivers, truly a stunning place to live and work.
Almost all of our employees cite the scenery and outdoor lifestyle as one reason for working at

This beauty does come with some stipulations that some people might find challenging. We are
probably one of the more rural businesses in the state, with the closest town (Morton) being
about 12 miles away. This is not a densely populated area, and people who are looking for a
suburban or urban setting should not apply. In some ways, it is still very much the Wild West
out here. People in the area pride themselves on being very self-sufficient. Some of our
employees live entirely off the grid in cabins they have built themselves. This area attracts
people who are interested in homesteading, permaculture, as well as outdoor enthusiasts.

That being said, we love it out here! If you are looking to live and work in an area that you can
go hiking, kayaking, or skiing every day of the year, this is a great spot.
I encourage you to do some research on us and the area to familiarize yourself with the
location. If living out in a temperate rainforest between Seattle and Portland excites you, please
continue reading and apply!

James Owen
Raintree Nursery

Job Title: Greenhouse Plant Propagator
This position reports to the General Manager and Owner.
The Raintree Greenhouse Plant Productions Manager will oversee, and sometimes participate
with, all activities related to plant propagations, growing, and maintenance to ensure that
quality plants meet the needs of shipping and produced in the quantities requested by the
Inventory department. This is primarily a supportive and educational role.

Job Summary:
We here at Raintree Nursery are looking for someone to sustain and expand upon the success
we have already enjoyed. Started in 1972 with a mission to bring the best edible plants to the
pacific northwest, you would be working with some of the finest cultivars on the market today.

Responsibilities and Duties:
Anticipate, instruct, direct, and support needs so that all plant production activities are
performed effectively and on time, from preparation to completion, and in a way that is best
for each crop.
Oversee the ordering of supplies needed for the department.
Oversee Propagations and Growing, working with and supporting the Greenhouse Manager.
Develop and communicate both short- and long-term production goals and strategies per
Upper Management requests or perceived needs.
Assist with problem-solving.
Support the needs of Inventory, Shipping, Customer Service, Garden Center, and Field.
A thorough understanding of all aspects of plant production, from propagation to saleable
plants, preferably with knowledge of the specific species Raintree Nursery grows or similar
types of plants.
A pesticide Applicators license is preferred.
A fair amount of knowledge of plant pests, plant diseases, and some diagnosis experience is
Able to communicate effectively with staff and peers.
Able to work with a spreadsheet for planning and organizing.

Minimum 1 years technical school in greenhouse management or related field or industry experience; BS degree in
greenhouse management or related field, and several years’ experience in propagations, growing, and greenhouse management. is preferred.

Vacation time, Some paid holidays, Health Insurance Stipend and SIMPLE IRA contribution
match of 100% up to 3% of your salary.