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Assistant Shrub Grower

Organization: Walla Walla Nursery Co.
City: Walla Walla
Job Category: Grower
Job Type: Full-Time
Experience Requirement: 1-2 years
Pay range: $37,440.00 yearly

Job Description


In Coordination with the Woody Grower this assistant position will perform all tasks associated with the production of woody shrubs and vines to produce retail ready plants of uniform and high quality:

  • Coordinate with the Woody Grower to decide where newly potted plants will be placed.
  • Setting out newly potted plants from potting wagons into the growing areas
  • Schedule and coordinate the straightening, centering, shearing and spacing of new shrubs to promote fullness.
  • Schedule and coordinate the tying of vine crops as needed
  • Working with inventory to reflect any change of location or changes that were made to the crops to maintain an accurate inventory.
  • Monitor irrigation and irrigation systems including alignment of drip tubing and emitters with plants, and run drip checks in the morning with the growing crew.
  • Schedule irrigation for crops in container lots, hoop houses and greenhouses based on crops growing in those locations.
  • While working with Shrub Grower delegate growing tasks to crew, as well as coordinate with potting on production, and with shipping on order pulling.
  • Locating and selecting plants to fill orders, loading onto trailers and driving trailers to loading dock using RTV’s where plant wagons are dropped for processing by other teams
  • Communicate with the Shipping department to ensure pullers are keeping up with the processing team.
  • Jump in and help crews where needed to maintain shipping and production goals
  • Pruning back and grouping shrubs into blocks for Winter protection and consolidation.
  • Spring clean-up, fertilization and spacing overwintered crops.

How to Apply

Please email resumes and cover letter to Danika Hankins at