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Nursery Buyer – Trees & Shrubs

Organization: Sky Nursery
City: Shoreline
Job Category: Retail Nursery
Job Type: Full-Time
Education Requirement: High School / GED
Experience Requirement: 3-5 years

Job Description

Order for and maintain product for the Nursery, including the selection of trees, shrubs, vines, and roses.  Monitor inventory levels daily.  Place orders weekly, and as needed (often daily during the height of spring), to maintain adequate stock.  Anticipate based on previous year sales to place pre-orders for fruit trees, roses, vines and other needed products in high demand.


Cultivate and sustain a network of growers in order to provide Sky’s customers with top-quality products.  Maintain excellent communication and relations with growers.  Work to source new and/or unusual products and new product sources.


Create an unforgettable retail experience for our customers through high-quality products and innovative merchandising.  Coordinate special requests from customers and landscape professionals.


Maintain inventory and enter invoices using CounterPoint software.  Utilize CounterPoint as a tool for monitoring, understanding, and predicting sales, and for future planning.


Oversee deliveries, receiving, processing, pricing and stocking of products.  Coordinate and set weekly delivery schedule. Set prices for products.  Oversee the greenhouse till sheet.


Important qualities for this position:

  • A passion for plants and a passion for Nurseries.


  • Organized and detail-oriented. Able to set goals and complete the steps to achieve them.


  • Able to execute tasks with speed and efficiency in a fast-paced setting. Able to perform very physical work and work hands-on with other staff members..Grace under fire.

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